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(brief) introduction to board games [14-July-2003 16:25 EST]
Within this section you will find a number of short game descriptions featuring some of the more enjoyable and challenging games I've played in the recent past. Considering that man has been playing board games since at least 2500 B.C. when the oldest known board game was created (Royal Game of Ur), chances are we'll probably be playing them for many millenia to come.

Game design is a skill that very few individuals can claim to have mastered. Today, games must meet a range of strict criteria in order to have the opportunity of becoming a classic in their own right. Time constraints affecting people today mean that games need to be relatively short (under an hour) to reach a conclusion. Similarly rules need to be short and concise as very few people want to read a massive tome just to get a game underway. The mechanics of play need to be straightforward and intuitive. If a game is considered to be an exercise in pure strategy, the element of luck needs to be kept to a minimum. And so the list goes on ...

To create a diversion that keeps players challenged and entertained after each and every play is difficult at best, but those few individuals who manage to create such a work are rightly revered by game players everywhere. Names such as Klaus-Jurgen Wrede and Klaus Teuber, if present in the credits, are sufficient in their own right to persuade die-hard gamers to procure their latest work, sight unseen.

Most of the games herein are featured because of their elegance, simplicity, depth and level of excitement that they engender and are widely acclaimed as some of the best titles relesed in recent memory.

So sit back and enjoy a brief snapshot of the competitive world of board gaming.
-Calmer Llama