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Updated Unreal Tournament Stats! [2-August-2003 18:07 EST]
Stats from last night's LAN have been uploaded. Check them out on the statistics page.
- Calmer Llama.

Battlefield 1942 Stats now available! [30-June-2003 23:47 EST]
Stats for Battlefield 1942 are now available in the Stats section of thé-crypt! Note that the Desert Combat Mods are not differentiated using BFStats; I'll have this sorted out prior to the next LAN.

Now if only I can figure out how to fly those freakin' Apaches ...
- Calmer Llama.

Unreal Tournament Stats now available! [29-June-2003 23:59 EST]
Stats for Unreal Tournament are now up! A rather intense series of matches including a gruelling CTF match in Facing Worlds to start the proceedings. The stats show that the ubiquitous sniper rifle was the outstanding weapon of the bout: I guess HBK isn't the only guy who likes to pitch the occasional tent!
- Calmer Llama.

Stats for 27-June-2003 LAN now available! [28-June-2003 17:10 EST]
Stats for yesterday's event are now available on the stats page. Note: Statistics do not include session time where less than 1/2 of the attendees were playing/present. So those of you that had other comittments later in the evening won't fall back in the Progressive totals!

A better turn out this time around. Currently only the Half-Life stats are up, but I'm working on putting up the Unreal Tournament ones as well.
- Calmer Llama.

LAN scheduled! [20-June-2003 18:01 EST]
A new event has been scheduled for the 27 June, 2003. Book in via e-mail to the usual address.
- Calmer Llama.

Stats for 06-June-2003 LAN now available! [8-June-2003 17:53 EST]
Stats for the inaugural LAN are now available on the stats page. Rather a poor turn-out for the first work event but here are the stats anyway. Note that the last two bouts of Half-Life weren't included mainly because we were down to 3 people at that stage.
- Calmer Llama.

D-Day anniversary LAN! [5-June-2003 21:27 EST]
To commemorate the 59th anniversary of the D-Day landings, a LAN will be held on the 6th June, 2003 @ 17:00 hours in the meeting room.

We hope to have a sign-up/booking page available for the next LAN ... fingers crossed.
- Calmer Llama.