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welcome to thé-crypt!

Half-Life & Unreal Tournament LAN stats updated [20-October-2003 22:09 EST]
A rather belated stats update from last September's LAN. The Battlefield 1942 stats will be posted shortly.
- Calmer Llama.

LAN statistics updated [2-August-2003 18:07 EST]
Stats have been updated from last night's event. The big question on everyone's lips is: "Where has 6 gone? ... and who is Dodo?"
Calmer Llama.

Added event attendance section [20-July-2003 17:36 EST]
A page has been added that lists all planned attendees for the next LAN event. The booking page is still being developed; we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Calmer Llama.

New .resource (links section) [14-July-2003 15:51 EST]
I've re-jigged the .resource section to provide for a links sub-section as well as the existing resources one.
Calmer Llama.

New .boardgames section [14-July-2003 15:38 EST]
I've added a new section covering some of the more popular boardgames that my compadrés and I play from time to time. Here you'll find brief descriptions, images and current scores. If there's enough demand, I'll see if we can get some brief analyses of specific games at a future date.
Calmer Llama.

thé-crypt undergoes a minor facelift [14-July-2003 14:06 EST]
Due to the dynamic nature of this site, I've implemented a few minor structure changes to make navigation a lot easier than it was. The page you are now on will list all future updates to this site and should make navigating around the site much easier, as well as facilitating easier addition of new content.
- Calmer Llama.

LAN Booking System [18-June-2003 22:51 EST]
In order to give our LAN events a semblance of organization, we're in the process of developing a LAN booking system. It's still under construction, but we'll let you know when it's up and running!
Calmer Llama.

New events section [7-June-2003 11:30 EST]
In order to list upcoming LAN events, registration details, statistics and other LAN related info, we've set up a new .events section at thé-crypt.
Calmer Llama.

New vbScripting resources [4-June-2003 22:32 EST]
I've added a handful of excellent links to vbScripting resources that have been of immeasurable value to me during my latest coding forays.
- Calmer Llama.

Inquisitor Script v1.05 now available [21-May-2003 23:55 EST]
A new version of the Inquisitor script is now available in the vbScripting section. A few simple optimizations and it now runs five times as fast as the original!
- Calmer Llama.

vbScript projects section opens [25-Apr-2003 20:59 EST]
Given the large number of scripts being created at work, I've opened up an appropriately named section in the projects area to host some of the more useful ones. I suspect a lot more will be making an appearance here over the coming months.
Calmer Llama.

thé-crypt goes on-line! [15-Mar-2003 16:20 EST]
Well after much procrastination and shilly-shallying I've finally gotten around to putting thé-crypt.info on-line!

At first blush, the site may appear rather spartan and visually uninspiring. The reason for this is that I have better things to do with my time than develop Flash and Shockwave content, java applets ad-nauseum and other "value-add" third-party gimmicks (being "artistically-challenged" is also a hindrance in this regard).

Unfortunately, chances are that barely a handful of individuals will actually visit this site, and most of you will have grown up expecting those aforementioned multimedia masterpieces as part and parcel of today's web experience. So as an inducement to encourage new visitors, click here to view a rather amusing Shockwave presentation that I stumbled across a year or so ago. We even considered sticking this on our agency workstation image as the default browser page. Seriously!

Enjoy your visit!
- Calmer Llama.